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05/16/2022 Water System Update: The non-potable water system is being turned on today. Parts of the system may need to be periodically shut-off in order to repair any leaks that are found from the winter season, please bear with us. We will post additional updates and transmit out notifications as needed. Refer to below notices for additional information, restrictions and schedule, in order to avoid fines. Your watering day starts on the morning of the notated day, and ends at midnight. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Non-Potable Water Service Notice
Schedule of Fines


Notice & Agenda for February 7 2022 Special Meeting
Meeting Notice and Agenda

Notice & Agenda for February 2 2022 Special Meeting
Meeting Notice and Agenda

Notice & Agenda for November 18 2021 Special Meeting
Meeting Notice and Agenda


ARC Application
2022 Billing Summary & Specifics
Declaration of Covenants
Resolution with District Service Fee CCRs and Enforcement
Rules, Guidelines & Restrictions
Schedule of Fines
Service Plan (pursuant to SB21-262)
Special District Transparency Notice 2022

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