Severance Shores Metropolitan District Nos. 1 - 4


COMMUNITY PARK RESTROOM CLOSURE DUE TO ONGOING & COSTLY VANDALISMS 09/23/2022: The Hunters Overlook community park restrooms will be closing immediately due to ongoing and costly vandalisms. Residents were notified in a flyer that went out with the July billing, that the community restrooms would be closed if these issues persisted as the time and resources that have been spent on these unsanitary clean-ups and repairs have been exorbitant. The Town of Severance has also been notified. Additional updates will be posted to the District’s website, as needed.

2022 Letter to Residents re District & Town Enforcement Issues

Ram Waste Systems, Inc. - Notice to Residents re Updates to Trash & Recycling Policies (beginning 09/01/2022)
Ram Notice re Waste Policies 08.10.22
2022 Ram Recycling Guidelines

09/15/2022 Non-Potable Water System – Shutoff Date: The Non-Potable Water System is scheduled to be shutoff for the season on or around 10/01/2022. Residents are responsible for blowing out and winterizing their personal lines. As a reminder, all landscaping irrigation is required to be connected to the non-potable water system, only. Please plan landscaping projects accordingly, noting that applicable fines will still apply. The system will be turned back on around May 15th. Updates will be posted as needed.

Non-Potable Water Service Notice
Schedule of Fines

RAM Recycling Schedule Update: Beginning March 4th, 2021
RAM Recycling Schedule


House Bill 19-1087 – Authorizes posting meeting notice 24 hours prior to any public meeting of a quorum of the Board on the local government’s website or other official online presence of the local government (including social media). Effective August 2, 2019 - Physical postings within the District and at the County are no longer required.

Resolution re Imposition of Fees for O&M Covenant Enforcement and Architectural Review
Resolution re Imposition of Irrigation Water Fees
Resolution Approving Online Posting

Notice & Agenda for Nov. 18 2021 Special Meeting
Meeting Notice and Agenda
Notice & Agenda for May 10 2021 Special Meeting
Meeting Notice and Agenda

Notice & Agenda for 11/11/2020 Special Meeting & Public Hearing
Meeting Notice and Agenda

Notice of Special Meeting to be held September, 21 2020
Meeting Notice and Agenda

Notice of special meeting to be held February 18, 2020
Meeting Notice and Agenda

Notice of special meeting to be held November 15, 2019
Meeting Notice and Agenda

Notice of special meeting to be held at 10:30 a.m. or thereafter on Monday, August 12, 2019.
Meeting Notice and Agenda


Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Request Form
Architectural Standards
2022 Billing Summary & Specifics
CORA Resolution
Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Easements (Recorded 07.15.19)
Residential Improvement Guidelines and Site Restrictions (RIGSR) Updated 9/01/20
Schedule of Fines
Service Plan (pursuant to SB21-262)
Service Plan Amendment
Special District Transparency Notice 2022
Water Supply Agreement

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